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| September 29, 2016 |  

Other Services | Industrial training, workshops, seminars, lectures, for CSE/ IT students.
With experience of working in a MNC in Bangalore and currently working with tourism and media portal for 3 cities such as mount abu, udaipur and ahmedabad along with handling social media marketing for various category clients like hotels, restaurants, business and education etc; We have achieved real time experience of social media marketing and online blogging.

Sharing and exploring

We believe sharing knowledge among the correct audience leads your explore new possibilities and stay updated with the current happenings of industry. Our target is to teach with a vision of its real time implementation, and how one can achieve developing their own website or other projects.


Social Media Marketing & SEO (6 hours)


– Preparing students ready to undertake projects related to SMM & SEO
– Widening up their keyword planning techniques
– Sharing knowledge, tricks and ideas related to SMM & SEO



– Introduction to SMM, what is its concept, importance, benefits, smart SMM, clock importance etc.
– SMM leading platforms, account making, their smart use etc.
– Link making, posts link names, headline or title names etc.
– Google SEO algorithms facts and ideas to attract it for a website
– Website submission to various searching engines in single click
– Keyword planning, title and description importance and tricks for impressive content write up
– Back linking, natural links, anchor texts, case sensitive etc.
– Google webmaster, analytics, keyword planner and other tools
– Alt tags, titles tags and other related tags important for SEO

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